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This training is PERFECT for you if:

  • You want to learn more about social media and how you can use it effectively for your business

  • You feel like you can definitely take on social media for your business, you just need to be pointed in the right direction

  • You want to start making strategic, data-driven decisions with social media

  • You want to build your audience and deliver content that will convert followers to paying clients

  • You want ACTIONABLE advice and steps you can take to get working on these things immediately - not when the course is over, but right away!


Immediate Results

Max Trummer, Streamline Athletes

After completing GD Commerce's Social Media Training, I learned the skills to increase our company's weekly reach from 200 to 5000 in a span of a couple weeks. Because of this, I saw a frantic increase in conversions and new sales without having to break the bank. I would recommend this training to anyone whose business uses online and web transactions/interactions and wants a course that is easy and effective.


Anita Acai, McMaster University

GD Commerce has worked hard to make this course practical by building in action-oriented activities to help get you started on building your business' social media presence right away. They've also made sure that the course isn't intimidating to those just getting started—whether you're an entrepreneur, a social media coordinator, or something completely unrelated like me, you will find something in this course for you! Overall, I highly recommend trying out GD Commerce’s new social media course. Get started today, and I guarantee that it'll pay dividends for your business!

Actionable steps allow you to create 1-3 months of social media content TODAY.

This training takes 8-12 hours to complete and most participants are able to create 1-3 months of content during this time.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Training Guide

  • 2

    Creating Your Ideal Customer Avatar

    • Resource: Branding Workbook

    • Lesson: Ideal Customer Avatars

    • Application Exercise: Create your ideal customer avatar

  • 3

    Establishing Your Brand

    • Lesson: Identify your target audience and demographic information

    • Application Exercise: Create your brand story strategy

  • 4

    The Fundamentals

    • Lesson: Learning about social media platforms

    • Application Exercise: Identify which platforms to use for your business

  • 5

    Understanding Analytics

    • Lesson: Analytics for social media - an in-depth look at conversion tracking

    • Application Exercise: Google Analytics, Attribution Models and UTM Parameters

    • Good Commerce KPI Spreadsheet

  • 6

    Creating Strategic Content

    • Lesson: Creating value-based content for your audience

    • Application Exercise: Bulk scheduling and content management

    • Good Commerce Content Calendar

  • 7

    Growing Your Audience

    • Lesson: How to find and engage with your target audience

    • Application Exercise: Starting on engagement

  • 8

    Converting Your Audience

    • Lesson: CTAs to make your followers become clients

    • Application Exercise: Setup an A/B test to identify the best CTA

  • 9


    • Thank you and Next Steps

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Bonus material

In addition to the Lessons and Application Exercises, you'll receive the following FREE resources to help you get started:

  • Branding Workbook

    This is our most frequently used document at GD Commerce. We use this Branding Workbook with every single one of our clients!

  • Content Calendar

    You’ll also get access to the tools we use at GD Commerce for your own business. Start planning your entire year of content with our client content calendar.

  • Key Performance Indicators

    We’re including the exact template we use for key performance indicators (KPIs) and our UTM parameter generator. See the ROI for yourself by tracking your conversions.

One low price for a complete strategic approach to social media.

Your Instructor

Ecommerce Consultant

Gabby Dickert

As an Ecommerce Consultant at Shopify Plus, Gabby quickly learned that having a good website was only half of the equation. In order to optimize profits, we had to be looking at both conversion AND acquisition. This began a lifelong journey into understanding human behaviour and how it applies online. With this course, Gabby brings years of experience at Shopify and at her own web development and online marketing agency, Good Commerce, where she helps small- and medium-sized businesses thrive online. More than that, Gabby brings her hustle and her determination. She understands that social media marketing can be an inexpensive but impactful way to grow a client base for small businesses. She wants to share the tools, techniques, and ACTION it takes to implement a comprehensive social media marketing strategy for your business today.

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